Sep 7, 2014

rule breaker

Remember how I was wondering if I really had to give up white after Labor day?  I've decided that I don't.  So, here's another summer skirt just in time for the end of summer.

Don't mind those wrinkles--I had been sitting for a bit before I got around to making my husband take these pictures.  Besides, I get bonus points here for wearing one of my Belcarra blouses too.  This is the ever popular Vogue 1247 (see my version of the blouse here), and I can see why everyone loves this skirt.  It's a flattering A-line, but not too bell-shaped (and mine is lengthened FOUR INCHES), and it has some awesome secret pockets.

This is actually my second go around with this skirt.  I made a plain navy version at the beginning of the summer that hasn't made its way to the blog (yet?) because it's pretty basic.  It's a wardrobe workhorse though, and I highly recommend making a few of those.  I liked the fit and shape of the first skirt so much that I decided I wanted to do something with a print, and I thought playing around with the direction of some stripes would work well for this style and force me to figure out how to match them.  I'm happy to report that I did, in fact, manage to mostly match my stripes.  I've decided that the secret is to cut out the pieces single layer.  Why didn't someone tell me this three years ago?

You may notice that my zip isn't exactly perfect, and I blame it all on the seam binding.  The pattern calls for bias binding to finish all of the raw edges inside the skirt, and boy, does seam binding in a stripe look pretty.

It looks lovely but creates some really thick seam intersections, to the point that I actually couldn't sew over the yoke/skirt back seam at the zipper.  Also, seam binding is absolutely infuriating.  See where I gave up on the side seams?  I hated sewing it on, and I will not be doing it again.  Pinking shears for life.

I have plans for two more versions of this skirt pattern, so I hope the internet isn't tired of seeing it yet.  I'm finding that I like sewing multiples of the same pattern lately.  I like the challenge of making each version look a little different.  What patterns do you enjoy sewing over and over?
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