Mar 29, 2015


I am so ready for warm weather.  I'm not sure if this is a true statement, but I'll say it anyway: this year has been the coldest year ever.  And it's still cold, even though I'm convinced that it's supposed to be spring.  I mean, it's spring break right now, so clearly, spring.  I'm compromising here with a long sleeve Sewaholic Alma and a wildly floral Simplicity 1541.  This is actually the same combo of patterns that I used for my first day of school outfit back in August.  It worked then, so I assumed it would work now.  I was mostly right.

Let's start with what works.  I really love this skirt pattern--it is absolutely a TNT pattern for me.  I used an Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton lined with a pale blue cotton/poly blend that I had in my stash.  I'm quite drawn to Anna Maria Horner prints.  There is so much artistry in them that even if the garment isn't perfect, I will love it in spite of the flaws.  This skirt is pretty much a win in all areas, from the princess seams to the kick pleat in the back.

This is my third version of the Sewaholic Alma blouse, which I figured was a TNT pattern as well.  I have made the elbow-length sleeve as well as the cap sleeve version (which never made it to the blog, but will most surely be featured in me-made-May), and I didn't feel like I had any issues with fit in those blouses.  I used an Amy Butler voile for one and a rayon crepe for the other, and I think the light, drapey fabrics provided a bit of forgiveness for the fit.  This time, I used a Robert Kaufmann chambray with just a bit more stiffness and structure.  Everything's mostly fine when my arms are down by my sides...


But if I move, I notice some pulling across the shoulders and chest. 

 I guess it's not that bad.  It hasn't kept me from wearing the shirt, but I know that it would be more comfortable if I fixed the fit issue.  I feel a bit silly considering a FBA when I do not actually possess a full bust, but that could be a potential solution, especially since Sewaholic drafts for a B cup.  I generally find that Sewaholic's drafting fits my narrow shoulders and short waist really nicely. Maybe it's not as bad as I think it is...

I really love the shape of the Alma, so I'm open to any suggestions for fixing that  little bit of tightness.  Also, if anyone has ideas about convincing spring to finally appear, I'm open to that as well.


  1. Lovely outfit! The print of the skirt is just stunning. I've never yet done a FBA so can't offer any credible help on that, sorry, but the (very slight!) pulling you mentioned may just be due to the stiffer fabric - especially if you've made it up twice already with no issues. Funny how much of a difference fabric makes! If it continues to really bother you, perhaps you could remove the sleeves; that could give a little bit of ease when it comes to arm movement. Although it would be a shame to lose those cuffs - they look immaculately sewn! Here's hoping spring finds you soon :)

  2. I have that problem on nearly every tailored/structured shirt I buy. Standard button-ups are usually a no go for me. When I find one big enough for my boobs, the rest of the shirt is more like a poncho! I am sure the modification would fix the problem, even if you don't think of yourself as large-chested. I have two button-ups from lane bryant that are cut for large chests, and they are amazing! No gaping at the buttons on my chest, and the ability to move my arms without constraint- perfection.


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