Apr 4, 2015

a farewell to spring break and a Tova

Greetings from the end of Spring Break!  In my last post, I was lamenting the lack of warm weather, but spring finally delivered.  In a weird sort of way, spring break seems like mean trick.  I have enjoyed the free time, but it only lasts for a week and then it's back to the grind.  Don't get too comfortable, she says.  You'll be back to the morning rush and the evening catch-up in no time.

In spite of my love/hate feelings toward spring break, the kids and I have worked hard to squeeze every drop of enjoyment we can out of this week.  We've played with our friends at the park and jumped in every bouncy house we can find.  I've dumped the kids into the yard in the afternoons, decked out in their dress up clothes, and they've transformed their bikes and playhouse into fire trucks and castles.  It has been a wonderful summer preview.


Trunk picnics are our fav.

Spring break sewing has been a welcome break from my usual fits and starts.  It's nice to have two to three hours of naptime to sew pretty much uninterrupted and without the weight of school work on my mind.  I've finished Easter outfits for the kids, nearly finished a fancy-ish dress for me, and then there is this lovely blouse:

Since my last Tova didn't really get a proper post, I thought I would give this one its due.  I love the Tova.  I sewed a size small, and after chopping 2.5 inches off the length, the fit is perfect, particularly across the shoulders.  The Tova (at least for me) achieves the coveted balance between ease of movement and aesthetics.  

This fabric is a Japanese cotton voile I ordered from Miss Matatabi.  It was lovely to sew and has a texture almost like seersucker or gauze.  Japanese fabric feels like such a treat--I have a few more cuts that will eventually become little girl dresses.  The print has a watercolor look to it, especially with the muted gray and pop of green and yellow flowers.

I really like the way this fabric worked with the collar and placket.  It's very lightweight, so it drapes open perfectly.  I made my first Tova out of flannel, and while it wasn't difficult to work with, I noticed that the inset was much easier to sew neatly in a lightweight fabric. 

I love the way the sleeves are gathered and finished with a cuff.  It's a sweet, feminine detail and adds to the easy, effortless look of this blouse.

I think I sometimes take spring break (and summer break for that matter) for granted.  I know it's a big perk of teaching, but I wonder if it seeps into the corporate world.  Do others observe a version of spring break even if they aren't involved in education?

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  1. Spring break is hard because it makes me ready for summer. And now we have nine solid weeks of craziness... I know! I know! I shouldn't complain. My husband reminds me of that all the time. Pretty fabric! I've always liked that pattern. Looks like it's right up my alley.


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