Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy, happy Easter!  My babies looked so sweet in their fancy outfits today, all courtesy of Oliver and S. :-)

They just can't help it.

Cara's dress is the Oliver and S Fairytale Dress, my client's favorite pattern.  Her favorite feature is the twirly skirt, but I'm partial to the petal sleeves.
 Love that little bit of pink peeking out of the sleeve!

For this dress, I used purple lace for the outer layer and hot pink broadcloth underneath.  Initially, I planned to use the pink broadcloth as a true lining as the pattern intends, but I'm not that experienced with lace, and I was afraid that the negative space in the lace would create weak seams, which is not a good idea in children's clothing.  I decided to use the pink as an underlining, treated the two fabrics as one, and serging all of the seams (ps--I finally got a serger, and it is a game-changer!)  I finished the neckline with bias tape.

For sizing, I used a size 7 for the width of the bodice, sleeves, and length of the skirt, but I used the length of the 5 for the bodice.  The result is a slightly looser fitting dress, but I think it's more comfortable for Cara and it will likely fit longer, especially since I put in a nice, deep hem.  I'm incredibly pleased with the way this dress turned out--I think it's one of my handmade favorite dresses.

Colin has started to come back around to mama-made clothing, so he is wearing a Sketchbook Shirt with the Art Museum trousers, both in a 3T.

I went with the short sleeves and the band collar for the Sketchbook Shirt.  This was my first time trying the band collar, and I really like how it turned out.  I chose it because I thought it wouldn't get in Colin's way or be a bother the way a regular collar can.  I think I was worried about nothing though--he's been happy in his shirt all day.

Colin was very excited about this fabric.  He loves anything transportation, so ships are right up his alley.  This is a Robert Kaufman chambray, and it is lovely.  Just crisp enough but also lightweight and comfortable.  As much as I love the shirt, I am most proud of the trousers.  I know they don't look terribly impressive--just like regular navy pants, but I take some pride when I sew garments that do not look handmade.  Basic pieces can be just as exciting as fancy dresses when the details are there.

 Belt loops!  And welt pockets!

The very best thing about these outfits is that they are adorable and functional.  Children's clothing just has to be.  I love seeing my kiddos having a blast in clothes I've made for them.  All the love, babies; just don't spill bubbles on your fancy clothes.


  1. How adorable! The purple lace over the pink is awesome. I'm impressed by the welt pockets, too. And yay for sergers! I've never looked back since I got mine.

  2. VERY CUTE!! Both of them! Good Job, Mama!!


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