Apr 25, 2015

v8574 goes to prom

In case you missed it, I teach high school English, and in high school, there is no bigger deal than prom (except for maybe graduation, although I think that's a bigger deal to the parents sometimes.  That's a post for another day...).  My school requires gently asks all teachers to attend prom for at least an hour, and I look at this as an opportunity to sew a fancy dress.  I'm not sure I can ever top last year's dress, but I think this dress holds its own.  And it gave me a good excuse wear red lipstick.

This is Vogue 8574, a dress Vogue likes to call "Very Easy Vogue."  I absolutely disagree with Vogue on this point.  While this is not a difficult dress to sew, I can't say that it was very easy.  The curved neckline and the precision required for the pleats definitely take this dress up a notch, but I'm really happy with the way everything turned out.  I should point out that this is not a fitted dress.  I cut a size smaller than my measurements call for and still ended up using a one inch seam allowance in the center back seam.  The end result is flowy and loose but still quite flattering, I think.

I used a lovely Joel Dewberry rayon challis for this dress, and it was delightful to work with.  This dress has a lined bodice, so a completely opaque fabric is necessary unless you want to add a skirt lining.  I found this fabric to be perfect for this dress.  It drapes and folds perfectly, and I love the vibrant reds matched with the subtle grays.  The large print lends itself well to a floor-length gown. 

The only issue I encountered was with the neckline.  I originally interfaced only the facing as the pattern instructs, but I found that the outer layer pulled and stretched a bit with the weight of the skirt.  I'm afraid I became a bit of a promzilla and recut the neckline, interfaced both sides and reconstructed the bodice.  In the process, I shortened the bodice maybe half an inch.  The bodice ended up fitting better than before, so I'm calling it a win.

I also decided to add a hand-picked zipper instead of an invisible zip just because.

I'm pretty excited to wear this dress tonight, and I have a few additional occasions in mind for this lovely.  I feel quite elegant wearing it, and really, isn't that what prom is all about?


  1. That is jaw droopingly gorgeous! I love the fabric you chose and the dress is absolutely beautiful! Big high five!

  2. I agree this is total stunning. So flattering and beautiful. What a great choice of pattern to fabric.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! That fabric is stunning and this is the perfect silhouette for it. You look fabulous!

  4. Is it just me or are the instructions for the neckline of vogue 8574 confusing? Am I missing a step in the instructions. Help!


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