Jul 19, 2015

sewaholic gabriola

Isn't summer the best?  In between swimming lessons, parks, gymnastics, and more swimming, I finally got around to making the Sewaholic Gabriola, which is basically like a grown-up princess skirt.  I started with five yards of rayon challis, and even though this pattern eats a lot of fabric, I still have enough left to make a matching blouse.

I really love the shape of this skirt! The panels at the hip give it a slim fit, but the hem is still plenty full.  I cut my usual size 6 for Sewaholic patterns, and I didn't find that any changes were needed for fit.  Rayon challis works well for this style of skirt--it feels like a dream to wear.  I'm not sure I chose the best top to pair with it though.  I thought that the high waist and slim shape would work with a loose t-shirt tucked in, but after looking at these pictures, I think (hope?) I can find a different top that is more flattering.

Construction-wise, this skirt gave me a run for my money.  I cut the lower front panels on the straight grain, hoping that would make the construction easier, but I ended up cutting those front panels three more times because I couldn't wrap my head around how the pattern pieces were supposed to fit together.  I would just stare at the shapes and stare at the directions and turn everything all kinds of ways...it was a bit frustrating.  In the end, I found some help in the sewalong, and it all turned out fine.  I'm so proud of my seam matching even if the print obscures the seam lines quite a bit.  Squint and see if you can find the seams:

 front panels

side panels

Once I figured out the hip panel geometry, the rest of the sewing process went smoothly.  I did have to carefully ease the top of the skirt into the waistband, but it turned out fine. After my confusion and head-scratching over the hip panels, I think I kept waiting for the next issue--every time a step went smoothly, I breathed a sigh of relief.  This is not supposed to be a particularly difficult skirt.  This one was on me. ;-)


  1. This is so lovely, and is very flattering on you! Love your description of the Gabriola as a grown up princess skirt :)

    1. Thank you so much! Every girl needs a princess skirt. :-)

  2. I think is so very feminine and sweet! I like the color a lot too


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