Aug 16, 2015

and finally, something interesting {v9077}

I haven't been around the blog nearly as much as I thought I might be this summer.  It's not for lack of sewing, but honestly, my summer sewing has been a bit repetitive and maybe even...boring.  I don't think anyone is going to be riveted by my fourth Wiksten tank or by Colin's third pair of Sketchbook shorts.


I've made a few repeat dresses too, which may make their way to the blog at some point.  I should also admit that I find taking showers and brushing my hair a little too strenuous for June and July, so taking pictures of these dresses had to wait.  However, my sweet high school babies are headed back to me on Tuesday, so I figured it was time to start practicing looking like an adult.  

I bought Vogue 9077 last spring thinking that it would be a good summer project, one that I could take my time on and enjoy.  There are a lot of interesting details in the line drawings:

Line Art 

Surprisingly, I have not found any other versions of this dress on the internet yet, so here is mine in a lovely linen/cotton blend.

I decided to put my darts on the inside instead of on the outside like the line drawing, mainly because I wasn't sure I could make my darts neat enough for them to be on display like that.  I also added a skirt lining to try to keep some of the wrinkling at bay.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern directions.  I cut a size 12, which is roughly where my measurements put me, but after looking at the finished measurement on the pattern, I decided to grade out to a 14 at the waist.  I probably don't need the extra room at the waist, but I'm happy with the amount of ease--this will be a comfortable dress to wear to work.  I also shortened the bodice by an inch, a standard alteration for my short torso.

I think the diagonal detail at the bodice looks pretty awesome, and it keeps this dress from looking boring.  I'm super proud of my button placket!  I've done a placket like this before in an Oliver and S pattern, so I don't know why it felt scarier in an adult pattern.  I'm a tiny bit annoyed by the collar--I wish I had trimmed the undercollar to accommodate turn-of-cloth, but otherwise, it turned out okay.  And, in case you're wondering what this looks like without the belt, here it is.

It's hard to decide, belt or no belt.  I like it from the front with the belt, but from the back without. 

When I first finished this dress, I put it on and strutted down the hall to show my husband, so proud of myself.  His first comment was, "you look like a flight attendant."  He later amended his statement...but now I can't get that image out of my head.  I think this is kind of a futuristic flight attendant dress, but I don't care.  Still love it.


  1. Oh I love it! I'm surprised more people haven't gone for it - it's such a cool design. Flight attendant wouldn't have occurred to me! (PS your tanks are really pretty.)

  2. Thanks, Morgan! This was a fun dress to sew because of all those details. I hope a few more versions pop up soon.

  3. I love this. I've never noticed this pattern before but it's fantastic. That diagonal detail is very cool! I like it unbelted, too.

  4. Thanks, Liza Jane! I think a lot of people probably overlook this pattern because there are so many shirtdress patterns out there. This one is a winner in my book!

  5. You are gorgeous and I love all the fun stuff you do with sewing!


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