Oct 3, 2015

and in first grade, we wear skirts

I kind of missed the whole "first day of school" hoopla this year.  Poor Cara did not even get a first day of first grade picture on Instagram.  It's mostly due to her slacker of a mom, but it's also because first grade felt like returning to our routine.  No big deal, even though first grade has been a bit of a big deal.  Cara is in a first/second grade combined class this year, the result of a teacher transfer two weeks into the school year, and it's been pretty awesome so far.  But enough about that; you're really here for the sewing, right? ;-)

I realized recently that Cara was in need of some new skirts and dresses because she keeps getting taller.  What is that?  Children growing?  I haven't had much sewing time lately since my day job manages to occupy quite a bit of my evening/weekend time, but I finally hit a lull just in time for Hurricane Joaquin, so Cara scored three new Oliver and S Swingset Skirts this weekend.

The fine folks over at Oliver and S just released the Swingset Skirt as a single with sizing all the way up to 14, which makes it a pretty good deal for my girl.  The twirly, swingy style is one she loves anyway, and I had some perfect fabric already in my stash.

Skirts 1 and 2 are made of jersey knit, like lightweight t-shirt fabric (skirt 1's fabric is leftover from this top).  Skirt 3, the first one I whipped up, is rayon challis leftover from my Gabriola skirt.  The Swingset Skirt calls for mid to lightweight wovens, but after seeing how nicely the drape of the rayon challis suited the style, I thought a stable knit would be perfect.

As usual, Oliver and S patterns never fail to produce a quality garment, inside and out.  The Swingset Skirt is fully lined, which only adds to the twirl and fun factors.  Check out my linings:

All of the lining fabrics came out of my stash too--this skirt doesn't take much yardage, so it's great for using up smaller pieces.  

Cara seems to really like these skirts, enough that she was willing to model three different outfits.  She's a good sport.

She's such a fun girl these days.  I mean, I know she's mine and all, but really, she's got such a bright personality.  I just love seeing her become more and more herself.

Poor Colin!  I haven't forgotten the boy--he's next on my sewing list.  He's looking like such a big boy with his new short haircut, and big boys need fun, striped cargo pants, right?  Right.
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