Jan 24, 2016

the coolest kid vest

Poor Colin misses the boat on mama-made clothing sometimes.  He can be very picky about his clothes, and he often refuses to wear what few pieces I have made for him.  Sometimes I feel bad about this, but I usually channel those feelings into a new skirt for me or a dress for Cara.  When I stumbled across the Aztec Hooded Vest by See Kate Sew, I decided that it would be perfect for my most difficult client.

I was initially drawn to this vest because it is reversible.  It also has an oversized hood, perfect for the cold snowy days we are having lately.  The open-welt pockets are a unique feature as well.  I had been hanging on to this beautiful plaid flannel--I bought it to use for a Christmas outfit for Colin, which didn't happen--and it seemed like a perfect match for this vest.  I was nervous about getting my stripes lined up across the front zipper, but it ended up matching perfectly.

Those pockets are really deep--the pocket bags extend all the way across the bottom of the vest.  I didn't have quite enough flannel to do the pockets bags, but I like the solid navy as a design feature.  For the reverse side, I went to my stash and found this chambray railroad stripe.  I also found some leftover quilt batting from that time I thought I would like making quilts, and I decided adding the batting would be the perfect way to make this vest not only adorable, but also quite functional in the cold.  This was an easy modification.  I cut the pattern pieces out of both the fabric and the batting and stitched them together in 1 inch rows.  I'm not sure if that's the right way to explain that since I am no quilter.  Regardless, I am very pleased with how the reverse side turned out.

I just love the texture of quilted garments!

Probably the hardest part of this project was sourcing the zipper.  Apparently, reversible separating zippers are a specialty item.  Who knew?  I could only find a 16 inch zipper, so that meant my husband got to attack it with his tools.  There are plenty of tutorials all over the internet for shortening zippers.  He removed the stoppers at the top, removed the extra zipper teeth, and replaced the stoppers at the right length.  That sounds a little bit easier than it actually was.  

Are you ready for lots of adorable pictures of the boy in his super cool vest?  He was pretty excited about it when I showed him the finished product and wanted to put it on immediately.  His outfit doesn't match at all, but his little face is just precious.

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